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Ambre de Versailles
A scent that is both majestic and enchantingly complex, Ambre de Versailles is a masterful blend made around amber, enveloped by the earthy, piquant aroma of patchouli and the luxurious, soft touch of velvet notes. Oriental spices introduce a vibrant contrast early on, leading to a heart dominated by the delicate scents of neroli and jasmine. This floral medley suggests the refined gardens of Versailles, meticulously curated and blooming with beauty. The base notes of woody elements fortify the amber’s profound character, culminating in a rich, enduring finish that is both noble and profound.

Olfactory profile
Amber, Woody, Floral

Olfactory Notes
Patchouli, Velvet, Oriental Spices
Neroli, Jasmine
Woody, Amber

Ambre de Versailles

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