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Attar Omani
Initiating with the renowned scent of Omani frankincense, or Luban, Attar Omani offers a pure and mesmerizing olfactory experience. This fresh note, central to the fragrance, is enveloped by the refreshing coolness of mint and the crisp, tangy essence of lime, evoking the refreshing breeze of an oasis. The composition evolves into a delicate blend of lemon and rich woody undertones, reminiscent of the shaded tranquility found beneath lush date palms. The journey concludes with the profound depth of Indian oud, which anchors the fragrance with its opulent and enduring warmth.

Olfactory Profile
Fresh, woody

Olfactory Notes
Omani frankincense, mint, lime
Lemon, woody
Indian oud

Attar Omani

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