Musk Tahara is probably the most popular white musk in the World. Traditionally used in the Muslim world during purification with its clean and pure style, it is a floral fragrance with powdery or creamy notes.
Musk Al Faransi is one version of excellence of it. You cannot compete with excellence, but excellence is not unique.  So we imagined another Musk Tahara, top of the range once again, drawing its inspiration from the great classics of the genre, but also from its predecessors, who had complemented the brand a few years before. It is a musk Tahara that follows traditional codes but whose scent will surprise you, since it becomes unique, it becomes royal.

.Rose Stalk, White Lotus
.Honey, Vanilla, Taif Rose – Absolute
.Ambrette – Absolute, Powdery Musk

Musk Tahara Royal