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Origin: Cambodia

Age: 8 years

Olfactory Description: A smoky oud. A classic woody scent with hints of caramel and dry fruits. The heavy smokiness scent is the signature of Sheikh Al Cambodi

We always thought the market of pure oud was already accomplished. However, despite the increasing demand for pure oud from our clients, we did not want to be just a simple addition to this extensive and powerful market.

We wanted to increase the value of this market. And the value we bring is excellence. Excellence is to present pure oud oils from different countries, while maintaining the highest standard for each of them.

Sheikh is an honourific title in the Arabic language, we strongly believe that each of them deserves this. Their respective names have this title just before their origins.

Batches are precious, expensive and very rare. Pure ouds are for connoisseurs only, but this private collection is open to everybody. But be careful: We have a strict no refund policy for this perfume. A sample size is available if you hesitate and honestly, the main priority here is sharing a few elite ingredients used to make some attars with our community.

Sheikh Al Cambodi

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